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Mitigate the Impact of Federal PETS Regulations

    Why It Matters


    PETS Will (Negatively) Change Your Life

    On April 1st, 2019, the U.S. Federal government will activate the Personality and Emotion Transponder System (PETS). PETS is intended to ensure public safety by providing an electronic and audible alert whenever a dangerous pet comes in close proximity to other pets, children, the elderly, or U.S. postal workers. 

    Learn more about PETS in this Blog Post


    PETS Can Misrepresent Your Pet — and You

    All pets in public spaces MUST wear a PETS transponder. Transponders capture animal behavioral data in real time and stream it to nearby transponders, alerting animals and owners of potential danger. But the sensors and infrastructure are immature — making them susceptible to hacking, false alarms and physical damage.


    You Can End Up in the Doghouse

    Bad data is bad news — and can get you and Fido banned from public spaces, or labeled as a menace to your neighbors and colleagues. The only way to ensure this doesn't happen is to get ahead of it.

    The RePETation pet reputation management service is the first comprehensive solution that protects, alerts and addresses PETS issues in real-time.

    Get informed

    The Federal PETS program suffers from significant technical and security issues. 

    Learn more in this video and protect yourself today.

    How RePETation Works

    Bulletproof Hardware and Infrastructure


    Our line of military-grade transponders are designed to work under the harshest of conditions - rain, mud, snow, water — and the most demanding of pet play sessions.
    We encrypt all transmissions to ensure nobody messes with your data or your doggie.

    Continuous Monitoring and Alerts


    Something fishy going on? We're on it. Combining patented data analysis and stochastic modeling with millions of benchmark data points, we can recognize the difference between healthy play and dangerous aggression — and alert you in milliseconds via the included Android or iPhone app. 

    Real Time Remediation


    We have a team online and on your side, 24/7. We have API level connections to PETS, and representatives working with Federal, State and Local government offices every day. Plus our data is validated monthly by external auditors, ensuring even Mueller can't drag your pet's name through the mud.

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